Top Life Tips to maintain a slim body

Finally, we have discovered how to get a slim body. Let’s remain slim for life without dieting or deprivation or taking exercise to an extreme. Forget about slimming pills and harmful chemicals. Here are the seven Top Life Tips to maintain a slim body.

Eat only when you are hungry

Many of us are not familiar with the sensation of hunger because we eat so frequently and for so many reasons. Be willing to wait to eat until you are sure you are hungry. If you have any doubt, you are not.

Just as it is important to wait until you are hungry to eat, it is also important not to let yourself get too hungry. When you are extremely hungry, you will grab anything-usually junk food, because it is fast and easy. And you will definitely overeat.

Eat what you want to get a slim body

Contrary to popular belief, the most enduring way to get a slim body is to eat exactly what you want the most. This way, you will never feel deprived, which only tempts overeating.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. But if you eat only when your body feels hungry, you will never have to count on a calorie or fat gram again.

slim body
The best way to keep a slim body is to understand your body.

Stop eating when you are satisfied

Stop eating when you are satisfied, not when you are full. This has to be a big difference. Full is when you may feel any degree of discomfort after eating. It means when you are loosening your belt, feeling sleepy or uncomfortable. It shows you have eaten too much.

Satisfied is when you are no longer hungry. You could push your plate aside and wait thirty minutes to finish it. It usually doesn’t take very much food to go from hungry to satisfy, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself eating far less at a meal than you are used to.

Eat with awareness for a slim body

Have you been eating a sandwich in front of your popular TV soap, only to be startled that it is suddenly gone? It is as if someone stole the second half of your sandwich. You are probably physically full, but you will not feel emotionally satisfied until you have another half a sandwich.

On the other hand, if you had been paying attention to how much pleasure the entire sandwich was giving you, you would have been satisfied.

Eating with awareness means giving your food your undivided attention. Eliminate all outside distractions. Don’t eat and study, don’t eat and work. To eat without judgment means to suspend all of your beliefs about good foods and bad foods, calories, and fat grams. Simply be aware of your body’s signals while eating.

Eat more protein and fiber which makes you full.

Don’t bury feelings under food

If you ever eat because you are stressed, lonely, or upset, you are eating for emotional reasons. Now, emotional hunger is as real as physical hunger, but it can only be satisfied by an appropriate emotional response. If you are lonely, a KFC burger does not give you companionship.

Eating emotionally is just a way of distracting you from what you really need. To stop, you must become aware of what you are feeling. Then, one step at a time, you must seek to satisfy the feeling in a more appropriate way. For example, if you are bored, you need stimulation; if you are angry, you need resolution.

Listen to your body for a slim body

A naturally slim person does not try to not eat fattening foods or follow any of the rules about dieting and fitness routine. She ignores these external messages and listens to her body instead.

Think about it. Have you ever tried to feed a baby you thought was hungry, but was actually not? The baby refused to eat right?

All babies do unless they are physically hungry. But many kids, as they get older, are taught to ignore their body signals and eat for other reasons, which over time may result in weight gain.

You must understand that your body never stops sending you clear messages about how it wants to eat, though you may have stopped listening. Therefore, it is always necessary to start paying attention to your body’s signals again.

Know your Ghrelin and Leptin hormone

Understand your Ghrelin which is the hunger hormone. This is like a low fuel warning or mobile battery alarm that needs to be charged. The Ghrelin sends signals that it is time to eat. Meanwhile, Leptin is the fullness hormone. Like ghrelin, leptin is a signal too. Leptin will tell you that you are full too. If you do not listen to Leptin, then you are wasting food, just like spilling the gas when it reaches the full tank in your motors.

Therefore, listening to these two hormones is a must for maintaining a slim body.

Listening to your body will gradually result in the healthiest, slimmest you.

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