Healing yourself by opening the Chakras

Healing Yourself

Opening the Chakras will heal our minds and soul, leading to the removal of some diseases. Here are top life tips for you so that you will be healing yourself by opening the Chakras. Chakra healing through opening chakras tends to eradicate chronic lifestyle diseases like obesity, eye vision problems, constipation, sex problems, back pains, … Read more

Top 10 health tips for men

health tips for men

Men have a different biological as well as a different psychological constitution from what women have in their mind-body system. Although this difference does not transcend human boundaries, it does align with the basic zoological male-female divide. Here are my top 10 health tips for men. Since men do not conceive and deliver, so their … Read more

How to get Startup finance or loans in NYC?

Startup finance

There are several Startup finance and loan options that may be suitable for new entrepreneurs in New York City. If you are planning to start your business in the United States, here are some options to consider. Try for getting Startup finance from Small Business Administration loans (SBA), Venture capital, Angel investors, or Crowdfunding. SBA … Read more

Top life tips to heal yourself by creative visualization

heal yourself

The power of positive thought can heal you. We can heal ourselves from physical and emotional disorders just by thinking positively. Try to picture yourself lying on a sandy beach on a lush island. You will feel the warmth of the sun and the balmy breeze on your body. You hear the wind in the … Read more