How to cope with angry kids?

Angry kids

There are many reasons for angry kids. They may feel angry at their parents and friends. It’s important to remember that kids’ feelings of anger are often a normal and healthy response to difficult situations. It’s important for parents to try to understand the underlying causes of angry kids and to work with them to … Read more

How to plan Christmas party for kids?

Christmas party for kids

One thing every parent worried about at Christmas parties in NYC is will their kids use drugs. Let us plan a Christmas party for kids which will be the best festive one! It is not helpful or effective to yell at kids for using drugs at a Christmas party, or any other time. Yelling at … Read more

Top 10 Memory Game App to make your kid smarter

memory game app

We all wish our kids to be smarter. Who would not like to see their kids have the sharpest brains and IQs in the town? Here we bring you the top 10 memory game app to make your kid smarter. These brain game apps will challenge your kid’s memory, attention, mental agility, math solving, creativity, … Read more