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Men have a different biological as well as a different psychological constitution from what women have in their mind-body system. Although this difference does not transcend human boundaries, it does align with the basic zoological male-female divide. Here are my top 10 health tips for men. Since men do not conceive and deliver, so their body physiology and hence their health conditions and concerns are somewhat different from those of women.

I am not going to give you oft-repeated, traditional tips suggesting special diets or sets of exercises that are often rendered in such health tips for men, making them more of a protocol than a real insight into the actual male health pattern.

The actual male health pattern is one that takes care of the energy level in the body, the fitness level of the joints and the muscles, the immunity level against diseases, the level of passion in the mind, the level of passion in the sexual act, the level of curiosity and interest in the surrounding world including objects as well as subjects and one’s interaction with them, the strength of the digestive and the metabolic systems, the levels of alertness while awake and of the soundness of sleep, a stress-free healthy mind, and finally a flexible and agile body for naturally doing all the actions of a proactive lifestyle which is more mal oriented than the bearing of a passive female lifestyle.

All these health tips for men come from my very personal experience with my health through the past 61 years of my life. I feel I am still as healthy as I was in the so-called prime of my life.

Tip 1-Top health tips for men

Eat and drink whatever you like, but taste it full. Don’t gulp it down just because you like it so much, Take time to taste, whether you like what you are eating and drinking or even if you hate it to eat or drink Taste full even if you don’t like the taste. Taste it between the bites of your teeth or the sips of your tongue. If you are able to make it the first nature of your eating pattern, you will have a great benefit to the digestive and metabolic systems in your body.

Tip 2- Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of plain water throughout the day. It will do a great job of flushing all the toxins in your body out, which otherwise keep getting absorbed in the body cells. It will also flush out any foreign substance in your kidneys, eliminating any chance for them to contract kidney stones or kidney disease at all. It will also keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level low. The more you drink water, the more you slim down too. On top of it, you will improve your digestion in a drastic way. It even regulates your hormonal balance and thus increases immunity in the body to fight against diseases.

Tip 3 – Go slow

Mental hurry, of which a major chunk of our population on this planet is a victim, is the main disposition that invites all stress in your mind and body system. It comes from trying to fulfill the goals and the targets of mental ambition as early as possible.

And then it becomes a way of life. Hurry is different from being fast, It is all in the mind and shows its effect on the body instantaneously. Go slow is the key to going healthy and remaining so for life.

Tip 4 – Opening body Chakras

One of the main reasons for people not keeping good health is that they keep their body posture in an unhealthy way all through the day (also all through the night). The pressures of coping with the demands of keeping pace with the rat race that the entire humanity is ceaselessly running spoil our postures habitually.

As the posture goes unnatural, the body at the various locations of its joints drops itself down and tucks itself in, closing all the chakras in its entire length and breadth.

health tips for men
Opening the Chakras is one of the top health tips for men.

Closed chakras openly invite all lifestyle diseases including obesity, eye vision problems, constipation, sex problems, back pains, breathing problems, heart conditions, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, spondylitis, and chronic headaches to name a few with age.

The only way to undo this wrong done to the body (and to the mind) is the opening the body chakras by re-posturing the body in the absolutely natural way and keeping it so 24×7.

Opening chakras is the foremost of all the top 10 health tips for men also tends to unblock the flow of Kundalini through its spinal path in the body, thus spiritually uplifting the level of energy that both, the body and the mind, stay at, taking care of almost all the psychological problems which the majority of humanity is afflicted with, today.

Tip 5 – Stop overburdening of mind and bodies

Men, as opposed to women, keep themselves more involved in proactive pursuits of earning more and more money and power in the circles of society they are a part of,

Consequently, they always keep their bodies and their minds overburdened with their present and future plans to fulfill. They never seem to have any spare time at their disposal all through the day.

The only way out is to keep a good chink of time aside to spend with your own self, without caring for its being productive in any way whatsoever.

Tip 6-Know your sexual power

Men’s sexual health plays a big role in their overall spectrum of health. The males and the females being biologically different from each other means are more under performance pressure in the sexual act than women. This performance pressure negatively affects their sexual health. The best way out of this widely spread male epidemic is practicing sensate focus in the game of pre-genital sex rather than proving their sexual prowess in the act of intercourse.

Tip 7- Improve Social health

Social health has a far-reaching effect on the physical health of the body. We as a species are instinctively driven towards being curious about our fellow beings.

Once we acknowledge our curiosity, we automatically turn it into our interest in the person/persons concerned. Interest drives us to interact with them.

The more our interactions are selfless and passionate, the better effect they have on our health. Be passionate and selfless in your interactions.

Tip 8- Come out of the rat race

A survey done with many thousands of people showed that those who were running their own small venture as their profession kept much better health and a much longer life span than those who were either doing a taxing job in a big business establishment or else owning that big business establishment themselves.

The only reason was that these people running their own small ventures were out of the rat race, of which the others were unfortunate victims. The key to health is coming out of the rat race and running your race at your own pace.

Tip 9 – Top health tips for men is to enjoy a given moment

Enjoying what you are doing is the most basic key to good health, whatever it is that you are doing at any given moment of time, If you are doing something under pressure, it is bound to affect your health in a negative way. The present structure of our society forces us to do many things that we certainly do not like to do.

Enjoying is an art. Like you can decide to taste the eatables of your disliking to their fullest, same way you can decide to taste the joy of doing any act of your liking or dislike by feeling the subtleties of the act to their fullest.

Believe me, what I am telling you to do has been my self-experienced fact in my life. You can enjoy an action of yours even if you do not like it all, and keep yourself healthy with it.

Tip 10 – Top health tips for men is to meet goals and targets

Goals and targets to meet that are predominantly a part of the proactive male culture in our society than it is a part of the female lifestyle, are always detrimental to health. But meeting goals and targets is supposedly the only way to build up a successful professional life in the modern business culture of today.

What to do now?

You need to make them (the goals and the targets) only when you are not really enjoying the process (and not the result alone) that you are undergoing in your professional life whether you are an employee in that professional establishment or else you are the owner who has a lot more on the stake in it.

The moment you start enjoying the very professional process irrespective of the result that it may come up with, you start being passionate about what you are doing whether an action of yours ends up as a success or else as a failure.

You start loving what you are doing

And believe me, when love, enjoyment, and passion take the front seat on the wheel, goals, and targets must occupy the back seat in the car of success. They have no active role to play anymore.

Success with health is always better than success at the peril of health.

Just follow these top 10 health tips for men and you will love the way you live.

(c) G B Singh

By Naorem Mohen

Naorem Mohen is full time Blogger and helps parent improve their parenting skills, resulting in better relationships with their children. He also provides guidance to individuals and couples to enhance their relationships and communication. Naorem supports people in need to help them in their personal growth, helping them set and achieve meaningful goals.

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